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When it comes to choosing an appliance it sometimes difficult to choose one from such a wide range of models. The right fridge not only helps you complete everyday chores in your commercial kitchen but can also give it a professional look. If you are confused between choosing a single door fridge or a double door one the following pieces of advice would come in handy. It is better that you choose a fridge which is known for its high quality and Energy Efficiency. The Skope bme1200 2 door fridge is one such piece of commercial equipment.

Why invest in Skope bme1200n-a 2 Door Fridge

One of the biggest advantages of using a double door refrigerator is that it can offer you a lot more space in your kitchen. Since it comprises a wide swinging doors and the two door swing in the opposite direction instead of one. This means that you can place more of your stuff in the kitchen and you wouldn’t have to be worried about the space either. This also allows you to put the most eaten food on the top where you would be able to see it and use it accordingly. Unlike any other style of refrigerators, with the double door version you can always have the freezer on the bottom. It would be easier for you to keep track of all the items in your fridge like vegetables and milk and other daily necessities. Make sure that your place essential things on top so that you can do an inventory without having to forget about buying supplies every now and then. However the double door fridge is tend to be more expensive however a standard single door refrigerator is usually not suitable for commercial kitchen space. Even though it is a major investment it would be useful for you in the long run. There are several benefits of using a double door fridge.

Another reason for investing in a Skope bme1200n-a 2 door refrigerator is their high energy efficiency. Every time the fridge door is open it allows the cool air to rush out and causes a stress on the machine. In case of a double door to have an option of opening only one door at a time. This means that you lose less cool air and you also save a whole lot on the energy. These refrigerators tend to be quite big and a quiet organised. With a double door fridge you wouldn’t have to worry about the space because these comprise of number of doors and tears which would allow you enough platform to split up all your meals into different compartments. This means that it is easier for you to store all the food in one place which is to be used next day without you having to rummage through the whole place looking for what you want to cook.

With so many benefits it is no wonder why smart commercial kitchen owners prefer using double door fridge.