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When your car requires servicing, it is always hard to find a good mechanic if you don’t have a regular one. It is essential to look for a mechanic who cares about his work and is honest, and will not steer you wrong. Too often, mechanics look to jack up their prices, so it is always essential to keep on the alert. So if you do not already have a regular mechanic, you need to do some shopping around the area you live. A mechanic not only has to be a professional, but he also has to know the kind of car you drive. Here are some tips for finding a good mechanic in Strathpine, Queensland, Australia.


Reviews and Recommendations

One good way to find an honest mechanic is by recommendation. You can ask around your neighbourhood and see if any of your neighbours might recommend a mechanic. Perhaps someone has a regular mechanic who services their car and can recommend him to you among your family and friends. You can get several recommendations and then check out the car service facilities.


Another way is to look on the Internet and find some car services in your area. Take a look at their websites and see if there are customer reviews. That is often an excellent way to find trustworthy mechanics and do a good job. Also, you might look on the website for the dealership that sells your car brand and see what mechanics they recommend or have done business with previously.


Knowledge and Expertise

Whether your car is new or old, it is always best to have it serviced by a mechanic who knows your vehicle. It is good to know that many mechanics in Australia concentrate on particular niches, so they have specific knowledge of certain car brands. Some car servicing facilities only service certain brands, so you know you can trust your vehicle to them.


Once you have several locations in mind, check them all out. See that the mechanics are qualified and experts in their field. Asking some questions, you can ensure that they know your car brand very well.


Choose the car service facility that is nearest to either your work or your place of residence, which you might have to visit the place during the time your car is being repaired. Check out the facility and see that they have all the highest technology and tools for repair. Ask about how they make repairs and what equipment they use. It is always essential to ensure that the tools and machines do not further damage your car.


Once you have settled on a car service and mechanic, be sure a warranty is offered once the repairs are done. This is just in case you encounter any further problems. Talk to the mechanic servicing your car and see that he is open and communicative. Exchange emails and phone numbers so you or the mechanic can ask questions while servicing the vehicle. Depending on the repairs required, set an estimated time of repair.


Settle on an agreeable cost of repairs. Arrange to be contacted if the mechanic finds more damage than initially estimated. Let them know they have to contact you before any additional repairs are made or parts replaced.


If you do it right, you will once again have your car in good working order, and you won’t have to worry about having more repairs soon.